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Team Woodpile is a company of owners, experts and professionals. Whether staff or strategic partner, there are no freshmen, no attitudes, and no interest in undue drama. We consistently build success stories in every area of challenge. We direct and produce highly-effective, award-winning creative and communications at any level. Open, honest interaction with clients is our MO. Either face to face, phone or online, client consultation time is spent listening, getting to the point, identifying vision and collaborating on efficient solutions. Work hours and project costs are incurred specifically toward predefined goals and waste is avoided in every step of the process. Prompt, accurate delivery of creative product and professional stewardship is provided by every member. We strive to accomplish and we bring out the best. Proud of—and grateful for—the commitment of those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, Woodpile Studios makes every effort to recruit and hire veterans whose skill level and expertise are commensurate with positions when they are available.